Arachidic Acid vs. Arachidonic Acid?

  1. Arachidic Acid vs. Arachidonic Acid?

    So today i was looking at a few clinical studies of the plant Muira Puama. Under the ingredients or whatever is contained in the root/bark (the parts we use) of the plant, arachidic acid is listed. Being as how i am currently debating whether or not to give X-factor a try i realized that this was suspiciously close to the main ingredient in XF "arachidonic acid". I researched the two, but am only a second year nutrition student and can't understand most of what i am looking at. i have assertained that both are fatty acids with somewhat similar (at least to me) make-up's. my question is if anybody knows of the difference between the two. if so, we have all heard of the effects of XF on muscular developement, but what (if any) are the effects of arachidic acid?

  2. It will not give the same benefits as arachidonic acid.
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  3. ... ARACHIDIC ACID (n-EICOSANOIC ACID) Keep in mind X-Factor is a blend, so it's not just AA.

  4. But arachidonic acid is the active. It's only a blend because to isolate the AA entirely would jack up the price unnecessairly.
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  5. Thanks for the info.



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