Best way to use DCP

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    Best way to use DCP

    I picked up a few bottles of DCP during Nutra's big sale. I'm stuck between a rock anda hard spot here.

    Would it work better for a lean mass run where I was going to run Epistane and AP or...........This winter when I run a heavy bulk with Superdrol/X-MASS?

    Im leaning twords using it for the all out bulk (cals 30/50/20)for the last 2 weeks cycle and 2 weeks into P.C.T. to keep the fat gains down because I dont really do cardio.

    If anyone has an argument that would lead me not to use it during the bulk, let me hear it....Thanks guys
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    If I could tag on an additional question - a bit off the OP's question, but in relation...

    When do you take DCP? With meals or without?

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