Weird effect, possibly from yohimbine hcl

  1. Weird effect, possibly from yohimbine hcl

    I took this before my 1h30m cardio session this morning:

    500mg green tea extract
    150mg raspberry keytones
    7mg yohimbine hcl
    700mg beta alanine

    first time I have taken the yhcl before cardio, felt fine during. Afterwards I noticed some strange marks on the skin just below my neck towards my shoulder on the left side that were not there before the exercise. Brownish/redish marks, one line about 3/4 inch by 1/8th inch and several dots. Skin surface does not seem to be raised, just flat. Burst blood vessel or something? Crap! Never seen anything like this before.

    Me: age 34, 6ft4, 220lbs, blood pressure normally 115/80
    Quite hot this morning during exercise, 78F 75% humidity here in Brisbane Australia, did drink but might have been a bit dehydrated.

    I'm thinking increased blood pressure from the yohimbine hcl, although I have monitored by bp before and after yhcl and hardly noticed any increase (that was without any exercise)
    This has freaked me out enough to ditch the yhcl.

    Anyone seen anything like this before?

  2. Does it look almost like a stretch mark?

    If cardio was the only thing you did, then I don't know what that was. BUT, whenever I do any kind of leg press machine where there are shoulder pads, I get purple lines of broken blood vessels on my shoulders. They go away after a couple days but it is weird looking.

    Again, don't know if that helps but maybe that will help you think more about what else you had done that day.

    Also, I've used yohimbe and have never had any physcal abnormalities...just increased heart rate, sweating, etc...

  3. i get purple lines on my shoulder when I do shoulder shrugs and some leg exercises. I think it is just from stretching the skin. they go away within a couple of days. I have never had any adverse reactions from yohimbe.

  4. Were you sweating more than ussual? If I take yohimbe before sex I usually get heat prickles. They're just little red bumpy spots that go away after a couple of hours.

  5. No, not stretch marks or heat bumps, still there in fact but slowly fading. Just one of those things I guess! Probably nothing to do with the yhcl but it was the only new variable in my routine that day.

    Now unless I find out about a freaky Australian parasite that leaves brown felt-tip pen like lines under the skin I'm going to ignore it



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