1. v-12

    Any one try the new v12 HP844?

    Is it any good. I tried both v12 and v12 turbo but was not 100% satisfied.

    Also what is the difference between v12 line and there Fierce product?

  2. Never tried the new v12 your talking about, just found out it was coming out. The Fierce is more of a energy/pre-workout boosting product that's more along the lines of NO Xplode where as v12 is the normal creatine/AAKG combo.
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  3. so it is like noshotgun and super pump 250?

    I see Sann has multiple products all similar?

    I see cell volmizers

    Than I see vasdiolators.

    Than I see under Endurence

    I can't tell looks like marketing to me.

  4. Never tried the shotgun or the SP250 so I can't elaborate on that. As for the different products, I'd say theres some marketing there. Really, though all those products do have some distinct differences and are geared for specific effects someone would want out of a product. So, I guess it's impart a way to offer the consumer a little more variety and choice as to their creatine or preworkout options.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. I liked the v12 turbo, i thought it tasted amazing and was pretty darn good, like, focus and energy wise. Didnt notice too great of pumps.

  6. V12 was groundbreaking, now it's not. The V12 802.11g or whatever the f it is has BCAA's, IIRC, which is a nice addition.

    fierce rocks. creatine, beta alanine, arginine, and stims, for cheap.

    Vault tastes like crap, but I spoke with them, and it's their 'dream' formula. They don't care how it tastes. The ingredients are pretty good.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    The V12 802.11g
    Wireless V-12? Damn...what will they think of next.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo View Post
    Wireless V-12? Damn...what will they think of next.

    Maybe I should get some for the office...write it off as a business expense...

  9. It seems like it has gotten out of hand. 1st the v12 than the v12 turbo now this v12 hp844 what next. Duel exhaust and some modified headers. Than what. Roll cage. I lost hope for Sann. They have to many products that are all similar and they say they all work great together. I think noshot gun looks like a better choice than this v12 turbo. I hope vpx does not come out with something like noshot gun with a scope or nosniper lol. They are comming out with some lame products these past few months.


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