Spiking UCP-1

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  1. Spiking UCP-1

    well, just got my 2 bottles today. will start in a few days after trying af's thermorexin(got a nice sample with my nyc order)

    but im thinking, i have used SU in the past upto 800mg one nightly dose with no problems, so maybe i should do ucp-1 with extras right from the start?

    aside from upping the dosages, i am thinking of adding

    quercentin 500mg twice daily
    Sodium Usinate 500mg nightly
    r-ala and ala i already am taking it
    antioxidants formulaes
    ALC 500mg with the SU dosage

    note: quercentin and ALC seem to have helped me not get a rash on SU, as last time i tried i got a horrible rash
    i also switched from 3 doses to one nightly one on the SU, not sure if i should do the same with ucp-1 or maybe then it wont work so well ?

    p.s. what does UCP-1 stand for?

    thanks guys! great looking bottle by the way

  2. Can't speak from too much experiences as I am only two days into my ucp cycle. But I am definately sweating more now at the recommneded dose.

    However, Chemo has said over and over that the dose on the bottle is what you should be doing even if it seems low. I suggest giving it a shot at the recommended level and see how it does.

  3. djremix,

    Do not break label recommendations with UCP-1...we designed it to give the same magnitude of fat loss as 2 grams of pure UA. There is no need to add other uncouplers (such as sodium usniate) and this is the fastest way to injure yourself.

    IMO, the reason uncouplers have gotten such a bad reputation for injury is ****ty dosing pratice and the "more is better" mantra that is prevalent in performance athletics today. Most in the past dropped 1-2 grams at night before bed...HELL'S BELLS! If you drop 2 grams of ANYTHING it will stress the body! Imagine if you dropped 2 grams of Tylenol and chased it with vodka!!

    In laymen terms, you should strive for a slow, all day sizzle instead of a night burn. It is mroe gentle on the body and will yield the same amount of fat loss.


    BTW, we are not terribly creative with naming our products. We feel that companies naming their products things like "testabol" and "dianobolex" are misleading their customers and they basically suck ass. UCP-1 stands for Usnic acid, Carnitine, Pyruvate, 1st in a series.
  4. chris17_59
    chris17_59's Avatar

    another question...

    [wondering if someone can answer this one...]

    Hey Chemo (or anyone else)...could take ones daily UCP-1 alotment on like a 4-afternoon/5-evening split? I have to work during the morning, and I really hate to have UA-induced lethargy on the job all day. Is this a workable strategy so I can avoid the bulk of my work-day?

  5. 3 caps x three times daily was the designed dosing regime...anything beyond that I strongly discourage.


  6. then recommended dosages i shall follow

    my intention was not to question the validity of the dosage recommendation but to inquire weather somebody already tolerant to SU can increase the recommended dosage!

    i will try and keep my results upsated here, especially relative to my old SU cycle.

    should interesting!

    thanks again guys!

  7. Chemo I've noticed that for about 2 or 3 hours after taking my two caps I am really sweaty but then it subsides until I take another dose. Does the two caps dose make an important difference or could the 6 pills be spread out more through out the day?

  8. Spread them throughout the day...after a few days of use it will maintain a steady level.

  9. Post

    I started last night, taking one in the evening. I plan to take up to 750 mg per day, spread through 3 to 4 hour intervals. I'm a little afraid to take much more than 750 mgs. Or am I just being paranoid? I'm 5'10" and 172#s, 10.8 percent body fat. I want to get down to 165 to 167.

    Another thing. The bottle I received had a few caps that were missing "the other end." There was some powder in the bottle. Could there be an issue regarding capsule integrity? Freshness? Lot Number 003156.

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, in general....

    So far, I have noticed a slight increase in body temperature and some lethargy. Also a small sign of decreased strength, but nothing major. I honestly can't tell, though, whether any of these have to do with the UCP-1, because they do seem kind of minor. It could be just that I'm tired for a Monday!

  10. Also - I should say that I am by no means questioning the integrity of the product, the manufacturer, or the merchant. I get a little antsy about freshness, &c.

  11. This is the first case I have heard of reporting broken caps. There is no issue with cap freshness or integrity and most likely happened during shipment to you by rough handling. If I'm not mistaken the retailer has agreed to inspect your bottle and issue the appropriate level of customer care to you.

    If I can be of some assistance just let me know.


  12. John.K,

    Do not increase the dose beyond what is recommended on the label. We have engineered the product to alleviate just that situation.


  13. actually mine had 1 cracked capsule also, it spread some powder throughout the bottle, but nothing too messy.

  14. Thats because your clumsy weave
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  15. Gentlemen with the capsule spillage problems:

    Can you take a digital picture of one (if you still have it in broken form) and email it to me? I would like to see whether it simply came apart from packing so much into one cap or if the gelatin is not thick enough to withstand the rigors of shipment.


  16. Sorry, Chemo - I actually just threw the broken caps away. Don't have a camera either. At any rate, as long as it is fresh and okay, I'm not worried.

    Powernutrition offered to send me a new bottle and a free return label in exchange for my bottle. Now THAt's customer service.

    I wrote back and said that I'd send the bottle back on my dime, because I figure it's not their fault if it got shaken during shipping; and because I got it at such a discounted rate. I was going to call, but there's no phone number. I've sent an email over to powernutirion, and hope it's not too late. (I've only taken 4 caps.)

    Sorry for the bother, but I'm really anal about this sort of thing!!!

    Also, wanted to clarify that I will be taking about half the recommended dose spread regularly through the day. I respect your recommendations.
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  17. ok first bottle of mine seems to have acap broken aswell, as there is a lot of powder inside, though i have yet to see the broken caps.

    ill take some digi pics later tonight.

  18. Originally posted by jweave23
    actually mine had 1 cracked capsule also, it spread some powder throughout the bottle, but nothing too messy.

    Same here. 


    Chemo it seems like the cap actually broke on the end.  It didn't unscrew or come loose.  I will check out my bottle to see if more busted.  For $15 no big deal!

  19. damn, I just threw that one out, sorry. It was a small crack on one end, couldn't really say if it seemed overpacked or not though.

    BTW Bobo yes I am a clumsy bastard

  20. Just opened my bag o pills I keep in my cooler and one broke in there today.

    Should have stamped fragile on every cap =)

  21. ok here are the digi pics....
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  22. had to resize/cop these cause the originals were >300k

  23. dusty inside!

  24. My broken caps actually had part of the top (blue) torn off. It kinda looked like it was melted.

    Anyway, wanted to report that I am on Day 3 and have not noticed any effects so far. None whatsoever. I am genuinely surprised. Yesterday I did 600 mg. Today, I will be taking 750 mgs, possibly 900 mgs if the afternoon dose does nothing. I'm probably not going to go up any further.

  25. Originally posted by djremix
    had to resize/cop these cause the originals were >300k
    mine looked exactly like this, also the powder over the rest of them too, in one bottle. My other bottle is fine, broken at all.


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