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BTW, we are not terribly creative with naming our products. We feel that companies naming their products things like "testabol" and "dianobolex" are misleading their customers and they basically suck ass. UCP-1 stands for Usnic acid, Carnitine, Pyruvate, 1st in a series.
Its an extremely ironic situation that UCP1 is also the same abreviation for uncoupling protein 1.

"Uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) was the first of this protein family to be identified and is found only in brown adipose tissue. UCP1 functions in non-shivering thermogenesis by transporting protons and monovalent anions such as chloride. UCP1 is activated by free fatty acids and inhibited by purine nucleoside di- and triphosphate. UCP1 is located within the inner mitochondrial membrane and "uncouples" oxidative phosphorylation; i.e., energy released from chemical bonds is dissipated as heat instead of forming new ATP. A proton transport mechanism was discussed. This proposed mechanism is based on a H+ donor-acceptor theory that utilizes fatty acid catabolism to supply the H+ ions. It was proposed that a binding/dissociation reaction occurred at the nucleotide binding site of UCP1. Site directed mutagenesis studies identified a number of charged amino acid residues within the UCP protein that were active in the transport of H+ or Cl- ions. Additionally, charged amino acid residues that are important for nucleotide binding were identified."

from http://members.nyas.org/events/confe...f_02_0521.html