Has anyone Used the Thyrotab/3rd degree burn stack??

  1. Has anyone Used the Thyrotab/3rd degree burn stack??

    ive been searching for a little while...ive found few threads with feedback on these 2 products.....let me know if you have tried one or both of them and how your success with them was.

    Ive found 1 thread so far that said that the person was a non responder except for venom hd and t3....which is exactly what i am....and 3rd degree burn worked for them...just trying to see if their is more of you out there the only thing that has worked for me is Venomhd 3.0.

    Also....if their is any Gaspari Reps on here...i would like to hear and talk to you about a few aspects of this prospective stack.

  2. I had little success with this, even stacked with 3rd degree. My diet was good, cardio was fair. I won't buy it again. Just my opinion.

  3. i thought alri's thyrogen-x product was much better than the thryotabs.

  4. yeah....it hard to find any reviews on 3rd degree burn....and from what i understand, its been out for a while...which isnt giving me the greatest confidence in it.....but the thyrotabs have seem to be getting great reviews for the most part

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