need a boost

  1. need a boost

    i am a former football player and i was 300lbs at one point i lost about 35 lbs and lost some muscle as well. i have been working out regulary and i play rugby three times a week. i was doign good loosing the wieght and gaining the muscle, but now i have hit a platform and im not where i want to be. i want to loose more wieght and put on muscle/strengh. i was lookign into tryign some supplements to help me loose the last 15 lbs of fat and make it into muscle. pre/post workout stuff, bed time stuff, off trainign day stuff. whatever you guys feel would help supplement my diet and exercise.

  2. you could try the DCP/Anabolic Pump stack. plenty of info around.

  3. I would as well look into X-Factor, and DCP stack. That would be an awesome recomp cycle, and is extremely effective.
  4. side effects

    any serious side effects like breaking out? etc....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by thetuna View Post
    any serious side effects like breaking out? etc....
    No, the sides may include light acne, and some experience joint soreness, but if you use it as directed, you should not experience anything like that. The only sides I got were a little bit of joint soreness, when I was taking 2 in a row, other side was very pronounced DOMS, which I love!



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