Lipo 6, Vasorpro, Dicana

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    Lipo 6, Vasorpro, Dicana

    Hi all,
    Im 6 foot around 200 pounds and am looking to lose some weight (around 15-20 pounds) quick, im dedicated to getting in shape and eventually want to get ripped (who doesnt) Ive heard of people stacking these three together and getting good results...

    Does anyone know much about these? Previous experience? On them now? Any help is much appreciated!!

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    Holy crap that's one hell of a stack.

    I'd say your best bet is to start out with minimal dosages, assess you tolerance, and go from there.
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    Dicana is essentially a collection of thyroid pro-hormones.
    Vasopro is ephedrine.
    Lipo 6 is your standard weightloss stim.

    These three would be extremely potent and could possibly cause severe health problems.

    I'd suggest that you focus on your diet and exercise plan. Once you've got those where they need to be, you could try introducing supplements such as these to maximize the gains your efforts are achieving. Reliance upon these shouldn't be your first choice and to be honest, I wouldn't combine these three until you were experienced with each of them individually and know how your body reacts to them.

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