novice- advice please

  1. Question novice- advice please

    Goals in order: strength, endurance, size, not coming up hot on a pee test.

    currently taking Muscletek gak, leuk, creak, and hydroxycut hardcor

    considering changing to a combination of : powerfull, activate, massfx, xfactor, and/or ebol. not all at once.

    what do yall recommend taking, how would you stack it?
    is all of this stuff legal (im in the military)?
    what protein would you get that doesnt taste like crap.

    wt. 186
    est. 14%bf

  2. Quote Originally Posted by artillery View Post
    currently taking Muscletek gak, leuk, creak, and hydroxycut hardcor
    Well there's your problem right there.
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  3. Your stats are pretty colse to mine, i am 5'11 191 lbs
    Powerfull was awesome for strength gains and endurance for me, i was dosing the capped version at 2/2/2 (am/PreWO/before bed) to start, then the perfect mix i ended with was 2/3/3
    Xfactor has good reviews but does have dietary restrictions
    Post a sample of your daily diet, meal timing and kcal breakdown which is the most important thing before supplements
    The best tasting protein IMO is Anabolic Innovations whey Isolate Choc Peanutbutter or Peanutbutter Bannana
    I have no idea about the pee test

  4. 0600-english muffin, 4 pc bacon, fake eggs, blueberry muffin, frosted flakes, milk
    1200- choice between fried chicken or cheese burger, mixed vegetables, gatorade
    1900- roastbeef sandwich and fruit

  5. Anabolic Innovations makes excellent protein.

    Everything you listed is shouldn't have a problem.

    Thanks for your service to our country!


  6. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Well there's your problem right there.
    lol, yes it is.

  7. On a more serious note I think Ebol and Xfactor might be an interesting combination. I believe there's been a few pretty nice logs done on these.

    For your sake, I would recommend not doing a combination, but rather try only ONE supplement from your prospective list for about a month, and see how it goes. If you like how it goes, stick with it, maybe bump up to 2 supplements for a while. Don't take more than 3 at a time, as this is a little overboard and will prove to be a bigger waste of $$$$ than gains in :bb:
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  8. Interesting

    good advice


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