Sources about weightloss/nootropic properties of Capsaicin?

  1. Sources about weightloss/nootropic properties of Capsaicin?

    From what I've read, it capsaicin seems to have anticancer properties, and is currently being researched as a possible cure for diabetes. It's "heat" effect is caused by binding Vanillinoid sub-1 receptors (VR1's), which activates the TRPV1 ion channel, which sends a signal to your brain that the activated area is burning. This does not necessarily imply that it raises body heat.

    Anyhow, I am looking to find if there is any study, report, whatever experessing the thermogenic or nootropic effects of capsaicin, because from what I've read thus far, it's not looking very good in this department. And since Capsaicin is found in a few popular thermogenic and nootropic supplements, I am curious to see if it provides any benefit other than filler (or for those of you who use it in lipoderm, as PAIN).

    Thermogenic effects
    Nootropic effects
    Post credible sources here

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    Good advice.

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    Besides Par and Pat Arnold, Spook is the man.

  4. Ok, I figure there's probably a few people who are gonna bump into this thread, wondering what this 'kitchen-sink" process is. It's cheap and easy as hell. Just be careful with cap, it doesn't burn your hands but it will burn every other part of the body your hands may touch.
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