New AP, New Powerfull, Super cissus Rx Stack

  1. New AP, New Powerfull, Super cissus Rx Stack

    I just got some AP , Powerfull and Super Cissus in the mail after
    some punk decided to jack my first order. The AP and Powerfull are both new formulas. USP took good care of me thanx Jacob. Here's some stats
    training just under a year
    Multi Vits
    glutamine peptides
    ON 100% whey
    Professional supps. pure vitargo

    Today I took my first dose about an hour before my workout followed by 24g. of ON and Cytocarb . Then I 2 caps of powerfull half hour before workout.
    Let's get to the workout, today was Back and Shoulder day. I must say that I'm pretty amazed considering I usually take animal pump preworkout. About my second set into my workout the pump was pretty evident, it's comparable to Animal pump as far as the pump go minus all the caffine. I was surprised with the focus and intensity of the workout, I usually get winded fairly quick on Animal Pump. With AP and Powerfull the stamina was there. Not bad for first day of use, I guess I could be one of the lucky ones that reacts well with the product. I also forgot to weigh myself before my workout but after I weighed in at 174 on saturday I weigh 176 after my work out.
    This is all I have time for today, any opinions or info is always appreciated.

  2. 2-6-07
    Today was rest day. I excpected to feel sore from last nights intense workout but it wasn't bad at all. After I got into my flow at work what ever pain there was went away mostly in my trap area. I followed the dosing with what the labels say for rest days. Overall good feeling and focus no tired feeling like I get when I take animal pump, I usually feel burnt the next day.
    My daily routine varies because I work 13 hour shifts and can only manage to get in 2 solid meals a day , I try to drop more in when I get the chance . Other than that I mix ON and CytocarbII to fill in the extras usually about 6 servings total. I also try to get atleast 10 hours a week at the gym.
    As you can tell I'm still pretty novice a this so please bear with me, I'm up for any advice on my routine, log, dosing etc.....
    Tomarrow will be chest and bi's then I could see how the super cissus rx works for me the past couple of weeks I've been having some serious wrist and forearm pains during my bicep routine. I have no dought in my mind that it will work....

  3. some guys have all the luck! i wish i could get some of the new stuff but jacob is holding out on his number one fan!

  4. I dont know how you do it man....working 13 hour shift and still finding the time and energy to hit the gym.Very inspiring. Good luck with your stack im sure you'll love it. Keep us posted.

  5. It's acually not that bad I have a very understanding family and they support me in my quest to get healthy. I wish my job was as forgiving , I'm tire retread that some pretty ruthless work .

  6. 2-8-07
    Sorry for the delay I get home pretty late on my traninng days.
    Yesterday day chest and bi's still had a great pump through out the workout along with sustain stamina, I think the powerfull may have alot to do with it. I also notice that I been sleeping better I usually wake up a few times a night but I been pretty good the past couple of days. Did some cardio after the workout which I don't usually do. As for the Super Cissus the pains in my forearms and wrist wasn't as bad as it usually was , got up in the morning with alittle pain in my shoulder but, it wasn't as bad as usual. I'm sure everything will get even better as I go on.
    Today was rest day felt pretty good through out the day , again not feeling burntout like usually do. Tomarrows the hell day legs. You might notice my trained body parts change through the week I try to hit everything twice a week, except my legs I usually can't walk right for while after those days. I hit my legs on friday or saturday so I have time to recover for work.

  7. I'm hooking my co-worker up with a bottle to see what he says about it. He's alot more experienced then I in trainning and been at it for a awhile.

  8. 2-10-07
    Yesterday I ended skipping legs and did tri's and back had a really hard work day. I added some caffine to the stack and it turned out to be a pretty intense workout if I say so myself. The weird thing was although I wasn't working my bi's I started getting a pump there and in my chest. With the caffine added I thought I was superman and had to stop myself because I didn't want to overtrain. Cardio went well blasted through that . I also murdered my abs , I never pushed myself that hard before doing abs . I'm just starting to see some toning in my mid section and it's got me motivated to push myself to do cardio and ab workouts thus, the stack.
    Today is rest day totally excpected to cry from pain but, again not bad at all. It's a beautiful thing waking up excpecting hell and finding that there's no pain for you on rest day.
    I was thinking about drop some green tea caps in to the mix any thoughts?

  9. "I've been having some serious wrist and forearm pains during my bicep routine." nightmarcher

    does anyone know why this happens, this happens to me when i let go of the weight, not during the exercise.

  10. Your bones are bending.

  11. is ther something we could take to counter it?

  12. is it due to a lack of calcium? Doesnt Caffeine have negative effects on calcium.

  13. 2-12-07
    Today was legs and shoulders . I kinda messed up the timing because I had to drop my GF off at work and she started half hour later then I planned.
    The workout was still pretty intense , but I think I could've over did my carb intake . I dosed 53g of cytocarb PreWO with ON and then boomed some ABB carbo force 110g when I got to the gym and everything got crazy . I think it might have been too much stims , I took the red cap from animal pump and it was a too much for me to bare . I had to calm myself down between sets , someone else could love that stuff but personally I think it kinda messes with focus and keeps me from enjoying my workout . PostWO I boomed some VITARGO 73g with AP and the other staples and I'm feeling pretty damm good for a leg day .
    The best part of today was I got my first "You're losing weight I can tell , what're taking ?" That made me feel awsome so I murder the abs once again. The weird thing is I jump on the scale I gained like 2 pounds this is the same scale from last sunday where I weighed in at 176 . Still too early to assume muscle growth? I'm toning out also , what a awsome stack , if you're thinking about it just do it . Just remember it still takes dedication that's the #1 supplment...


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