Need Some Direction Please!

  1. Need Some Direction Please!

    Hey Pros,

    Hey guys, I am a rookie seeking your guidance.

    I have been working out on/off for many years (not serious), but have been seriously working out for about these past 9 months for at least 4 days a week. I have hit my plateau about 2 months ago, and I started using Methandrol 50. This is my 3rd week. I have not really seen much anticipated results yet. I only gained 3lbs.

    I currently weigh 195lbs. I am 5 '8 1/2. I bench about 300lbs (once). I have 16 3/4 inch arms. I might be on the chubby side, but only in the gym. I am considered to be in good shape outside the gym. I am 27 years old.

    Well, I just bought some Mass Tabs (IDS) to stack with the Methandrol 50, and also am taking BSN Nitrix. Am I doing anything wrong? I plan on taking some PCT's, as soon as I finish my first cycle.

    If I am doing something wrong, what can I do. I want to have 17 1/2 inch arms by summer. Is that possible? I intake a lot of protein. I am always working out on my free time, whether it be curls while watching TV, or side raises with dumb bells.



  2. Well, first of all, you'll get the classic answer. Please do some research on those compouns before starting them. Nutrition is the first key to a better physique. Please be realist in your goals. Don't start Mass Tabs until you know how toxic it is, and if it's worth the risk. And get some PCT BEFORE you start a cycle. I could go on and on about your situation. Please read, read, read, read, and did I mention read?

    Good luck reaching your goals, but I doubt it will be possible with what you're saying.


  3. I'm by no means an advanced lifter here, but I can share my thoughts:

    It seems to me like all of you changes have been through supplementation. Supplements only give you a small boost for the most part (assuming they aren't crap like most stuff on the market) and that's only if EVERYTHING else is in check. It's annoying I know, but I'm in the same situation myself. Go check out my thread in the bulking section to see what I'm talking about.

    I noticed you said you wanted bigger arms, so you work them out all the time. This won't give you bigger arms. You should switch exercises and rep ranges up and then let those suckers REST! Growth happens during the rest period, not in the gym. Also, since most people neglect this area I would advise you post your diet up, so someone that knows their stuff can help you with that. I'm pretty sure that's where the problem lies. Eating enough/right is just as important as lifting.

    Edit: I've been here for a while, but my post count is pretty low....why?? All my questions have already been answered. I'm sure that's that case with you too. Search and you will find what you need.

  4. Thanks makes a lot of sense. I was just in the gym today, and I heard a pathetic cry from a woman when she was talking to her husband or boyfriend. She was whining that she didn't get any results, and so she wanted to quit. In a similar way, I catch myself thinking the same way, but not with my working out, but more with nutrition and supplements.

    Thanks ~ I will take it easy, and really read up on things before I proceed to use them. I just believed with what the guy at the counter told me...LoL

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