Wanna get some oppinions on AP/CEE/BCAA/Clen

  1. Wanna get some oppinions on AP/CEE/BCAA/Clen

    I've been toying around with an idea in my head for after PCT and little more time off...

    I want to run clen for the first time but am scaried of the catabolic effects...

    So I was thinking to run BCAAs, CEE and AnabolicPump along with it to help alleviate that fear.

    Cycling clen 2 on 2 off for 3 cycles, using either an EC or a YC for the opposite weeks...

    Eating just about at maintenance with high protein, low fat and moderate carbs...

    This is one idea. The other is running TST/TRN/ZOL for 6 weeks and using Clen at the same time. I just don't think it will be the best idea because TRN seems to cause major BP issues...I think I am going to hold off on this until late summer...But I'm not sure.

    Any oppinions?


  2. the first clen cycle is the best, for most users. if you're gonna do, do it full on....that said, i'll never use clen again. it's just not worth it. i can do way more with diet and less harmful thermos than i can with clen anyways. people think that because it's so bad for you that it must be an amazing fat burner...while it does the job, it isnt a magic pill.

    i'd skip it, use AP and powerfull, lots of green tea and a super solid diet....okay, that's not true. *I* would actually use test, tbol, gh and the aforementioned items, and a host of other things...but for the average person, that's enough.

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