NHA or Trans. Formestane

  1. NHA or Trans. Formestane

    I have 4 weeks to go with leaning out, Im not useing any test boosters as of now and havent for about 6 weeks or so now. Which would be better to end with to help lean me out. I have used formestane while "on" before and that helped out alot with bloat, while the NHA im not real sure of because it looks like most of the logs were used to add lean mass on a hypercaloric diet.

    Cost for me is the same so whcich should it be......Bulk Nettle/Activate + Rebound Reloaded or Formestane with Penetrate (~200mg a day..100 am & pm)? All input welcome.

  2. Hey man, I'm actually doing this exact thing right now. I'm in a little over a week on E-Form (~170-200mg/day) and Activate (4 caps/day). I've always been fairly lean, but I can definately tell I'm losing a little BF. My strength has also gone up a little in compound lifts, but again, I'm just over a week into it so I hate to give it too much of a review since I'm really just beginning. I'm not sure when you plan on starting your's, but I can update you from time to time on my progress if you are interested.

  3. Im looking at next week but any updates are def. welcome
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