Super Cissus Question...

  1. Super Cissus Question...

    1st post here. I came across this site in search of something to help with the wrist pain I have been living with for the last 16 years. I read about this Cissus product, purchased a bottle and have been taking it now for the last 4 weeks. I started out taking 1x twice per day the first week and then went to 1x 3 times a day from week 2 on.

    First let me say that this product (so far) has definitely lived up to it's hype. My wrist has not felt this good in years. I am very impressed. I can truly say that my life is better since taking it since I do not have pain 24/7. I still have a bit of dull pain sometimes (during mouse/keyboard usage) but nothing like before. Pain is about 90% removed.

    So just a bit about myself. I am not a weight lifter at all. I was a twig growing up. Very skinny and weak. When I graduated high school (1985), I weighed in at a whopping 145 lbs and could not even bench 100 lbs. I never worked out much. My arms/wrists/ankles/fingers are very skinny. Being in computers since 1988, the repetitive mouse/keyboard usage caused wrist pain in 1990 that I have just plain lived with. I tried therapy, Advil, ice packs, heat, hot tubs, tens units and all with temporary effects. This super cissus is the only thing thus far that has worked the best.

    Well about 3 years ago I bought myself a bandflex (bowflex wannabe) and started using it. I use it twice a week only doing 3-4 sets of 10 bench and 4-5 sets of 10-12 curls. And that's it. Not in it to get ripped, just build up some tone and strength. In the 3 years, my arms have gotten a bit more larger and toned and I have been able to add more bands and get a bit stronger, but still not where I want to be. Anyway to make a short story real long, here is what I have noticed lately (within the last 2 weeks). I feel weaker than I have felt in the last 2 years. When I flex my muscles they feel real tired and weak. Not sure if it's the cissus or what, but it's strange. Are you supposed to take another supplement with this, or is it ok to take cissus while working out? Should I flex more often? Maybe I need to up the dose, or stop it all together. Has anyone else had this happen to them taking this stuff?

    Thanks, and sorry about the long post. Just want to give as much helpful info as possible.


  2. I'd say that's the first time I have heard anything about someone feeling weakened on a cissus product. Cissus is usually therapeutic, and occasionally induces quality pumps.

    But a weakened feeling.... strange.

    I'll bump for a USP rep to field this one, since your case is specific to their product. But I truly don't think the Super Cissus would cause that.

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    I'd venture to say it might be your diet that is causing you to feel weak. Post up what you eat on a normal day and go from there. Also, have you been to the Dr. lately for a full physical and bloodwork...make sure to get your testosterone checked, as it could be low test. There are a battery of other things they need to check bloodwork wise however, you may want to checkout the antiaging forum on here...good stuff there.

  4. Thanks for the response and sorry for the late reply. I got some minor surgery last week and just got back on my feet.

    As far as the Dr. I actually had a physical about a month ago and they did a full blood panel. Everything came back normal. I had high cholesterol (222) though. I don't know if they did a testosterone check. Does not sound familiar. My diet is pretty much a mixed bag. I am not on any specific diet. I eat cereal or yogurt about every day and eggs on the weekend. I have coffee 2 cups every day. A soda about once a day (not diet). I eat sandwiches (turkey or roast beef) or salads for lunch usually. Dinner can be anything from fast food to whatever my wife made me. My diet is not the best, but it is definitely not the worst either. Let me say that I have not changed my diet much in the last year and I have not felt this weak. I could not even finish my workout the last 2 times (which I had been finishing off prior to taking the cissus). It's not a total weak feeling per say... More of a near cramping feeling or a total relaxed feeling. It's like if I push myself up from bed in the morning, my arms feel as if they are going to give way. That never happened before. I will check out the antiaging forum and see what is in there. But I just wanted to see if anyone else if having this problem. Wrist feels better every day though. Thanks again.


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