Help with my Anabolic Extreme stack...

  1. Help with my Anabolic Extreme stack...

    I've used Anabolic Extreme and have gotten great results but looking to start a new stack. I got phera-plex, stimulant x, PCT, Retain, and Perfect Cycle. I want to get lean muscle, not looking to get much bigger, and cut body fat. I was wondering if hyperdrol would be a good add to this stack? Or any other suggestions? Thanks.

  2. The body composition that results from your cycle will be largely in part due to your diet. Honestly though, if you're not looking to bulk up more I would say to save the PP for a time when you are. Now that I think about it, you could use the Hyperdrol, Retain, and StimX all together as a Non Hormonal Cycle and take in calories slightly above your maintenance level. That should result in some good lean mass (and strength gains and a post cycle therapy won't be needed ).
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