Sizeon, Jw, Bam, Xfactor Stack Help

  1. Sizeon, Jw, Bam, Xfactor Stack Help

    how would you recommend to take this stack i've got lined up...
    2 bottles SIZEON
    2 Jungle Warfare
    1 BAM
    2 X Factor


    I've got all the time in the world baby! No spring break for me this year so I've got a little extra money and no deadline to be cut, yet I am on the fence if I want to clean bulk or full out cut. Recommendations greatly appreciated!

  2. Okay, let's just consider that your diet is 100% spot on, you got 3500 ish average cals, and push extremely hard. I would suggest the following:
    Week 1:Size On,JW
    Week 2:Size On,JW
    Week 3:Size On,JW, BAM
    Week 4:Size On,JW, BAM
    Week 5:Size On,JW, BAM
    Week 6:Size On,JW, BAM, XF
    Week 7:Size On,JW, XF
    Week 8:Size On,JW, XF
    Week 9:XF
    Week 10:XF
    Week 11:XF
    Week 12:XF

    This would do the trick. You will start by feeling the creatine kicking in, then JW and BAM teams up to help ya put some good size, as well as strength, then the magic comes in with the XF, it will kick in just when you are done with SO, and JW, this way you will lose all your creatine bloat to finish off with a lean, hard, swollen body!

    Note: BCAA's are okay for a staple, meaning you don't have to cycle it. Cissus as well can be a staple. Glutamine, it depends, but you can cross this off your list next time. I would use Glut. while in a calorie deficit. For some, it might help combat overtraining.

    Reason why Sesamin and EFA's arent during the XF is that it will hinder it's effects. Stop completely EFA's and Sesamin at least 1 week before starting XF.

    Have fun!

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