1. Airborne

    Anyone had any success with this product?

  2. I've bought it and used it. It has worked a few times for me, maybe it's mental but for $5 and a flex spending account item, why not

  3. To my knowledge all it is, is a mega dose of vitamin C. And you end up pissing most of it out.

  4. There's zinc, vit C, echinea(sp?) etc
    It's no miracle cure, just a nice dose of vits etc

  5. I'd take this before Airborne any day: Air Defense (90 vcaps) By NOW Foods

  6. awesome - thanks for showing me that!

  7. Airborne is simply an effervescent vitamin tablet(high levels of C and A) with extra zinc and some low dosage of amino acid

  8. Anyone have a list of such items/brands that can be used in a flex spending account?

    I double my dose of Poseidon if I feel an illness coming on. I haven't been sick since starting this protocol. That's saying A LOT since I'm VERY prone to the cold/flu...especially this time of year.


  10. Another good supplement to take in place of Airborne is Olive Leaf Extract:

    Many major health claims are being made about olive leaf extract, but since they involve unverified clinical trials we prefer not to list the claimed pathogens that it is said to destroy.

    The main constituent of olive leaf is the phytochemical oleuropein, which has broken down to elenolic acid, which have a powerful anti-bacterial effect, and has the ability to interfere with critical amino acid production essential for viruses.

    Oleuropein is a bitter monoterpene glycoside of the class known as secoiridoids and is also one of the major components found in the polyphenolic portion of olive oil

    Other ingredients include esters, multiple iridoids, rutin, apigenin, luteolin etc.

    Animal studies have proven the effectiveness of olive leaf extract to lower blood pressure, but this needs to be verified by human studies.

    It further seems helpful in containing viral infections and the spreading of these viruses by inactivating them, and the ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication.

    In the case of retroviruses, it seems to be able to neutralize the production of reverse transcriptase and protease and also seems to be helpful in stimulating phagocytosis, which is an immune system response in which cells ingest harmful microorganisms and foreign matter.

    Some research suggests that olive leaf extract may be a "true anti-viral" compound, as it appears to selectively block an entire virus-specific system.

    Because of the above, it may be useful when looking to fight influenza, the common cold, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and other viral infections.

    Olive leaf extract also seems to be indicated as useful in boosting the energy levels, assisting with chronic fatigue as well as helping with allergies.

    Olive leaf extract has been reported by leading clinicians to offer significant benefit when included as part of an immune system enhancement program designed to combat microorganisms - such as our BodyGuard immune boost supplement.

    Olive Leaf Extract is non-toxic, but when killing too many pathogens too quickly (detoxifying), a "die off" or Herxheimer's reaction may occur - which is experienced as flu-like symptoms or allergic attacks. This however only happens with high dosage and normally passes quickly.

    Olive leaf extract may inactivate antibiotics and should not be taken while taking antibiotics

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    I want to personally thank all the Poseidon testers for their honest feedback and contributions. If there are any testers who have not completed their logs and final thoughts, I would ask you to please post those at your earliest convince so others can learn from your experience with Poseidon. Thanks guys! Youíve been great! ;-)

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