Poll: Can you take Thyroid Supps with TTA supps (i.e. DCP and Dicana

can you take Thyroid supps with TTA supps

  1. can you take Thyroid supps with TTA supps

    just want to get a good idea if you can take thyroid supps with TTA supps...there has been some discussion on the boards about it...but no definites...let me know what you think

    example: DCP with Dicana


  2. ok, well im guessing this is a little known subject a few visitors but no opinions.

  3. I ran it with thyrotabs with some great fatloss. I was originally going for recomp, but I decided to cut instead and its the best leaning effect Ive ever seen(better than clen, eca, ecy(yohimbe), melting pt, or any other of the cutting supps Ive used.

  4. what will be using for your thyroid pct? Ive researched a little and Im thinking of using Tyrosine and a standardized guggul product. Am I way off or do you think that would work?

  5. DCP with Dicana would rock and sock adipose tissue right off.

  6. Thank you to all that responded to this post...it helped me put my mind at ease cause i went ahead and took them together anyways, and, im sure this will help others looking for the same answers as i did.

    thanks again


  7. Let us know how you likey!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Supa Freek 420
    Let us know how you likey!

    well....taking DCP, Dicana, Yohimbine together among a few other things (check my log) ...it feels like i have a fever...but without the sick feeling...just feel warm all over.....kinda like taking a shot of whiskey and having that warm feeling in your gut all day long....very odd but very nice

  9. Quote Originally Posted by HairyLarry35
    Will this help you out?

    EDIT: This WILL help you out

    A Great Overview of T3...and to a lesser degree, T2 and T4

    Thanks man. Awesome info and definately helps a lot.


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