clout/body octane

  1. clout/body octane

    thinking of trying these 2 together. need to know if i can mix them together in a jug and sip through the day. also for taste can i add something like crystal light.

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  2. honestly, I'm not a huge fan of taking them together. Each, by itself, has a huge and sufficient dose of Beta Alanine. I know guys do stack them with great results, but it just seems like too much trouble to me.

    Sure, you can sip them, but Clout isn't something you'll want to savor, it's flavor has been improved, but it's not delicious. So just slam the Clout twice a day, once with food, once pre-workout. Crystal Light ain't gonna help.

    Body Octane tastes great. You could sip it, but I'm not sure what the benefits of minute amounts of those ingredients throughout the day will be. Give it a try. I'd make sure to take one full serving 30-45 minutes pre-workout for sure.

    I prefer Clout over Body Octane. It's the best creatine on the market, IMO. And it seems to do more for me overall, too, over BO, when you take strength, endurance, and recovery into account. So what I do is throw in 75gr+ of bulk CM to a bucket of Clout, save the cash, and call it even. It's a phenominal combo, nothing touches it. But, there's certainly nothing wrong with Clout/BO together. You won't see less from it, for sure.

  3. Poison is a smart guy.

    I agree.
  4. Thumbs up Great Combo

    Quote Originally Posted by poison
    So what I do is throw in 75gr+ of bulk CM to a bucket of Clout, save the cash, and call it even.
    I like tha idea, but you're going to throw off tha amount of actives per serving.

    IHMO, using both Clout and Body Octane from a performance standpoint is unparalled. It's current tha best that's on tha market.

  5. How would you dose them when taken together?

  6. Just add 4-5 grams CM to each serving, but don't mix them together.

  7. I mean clout/bo?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by poison
    I mean clout/bo?
    One scoop each, mixed together... AM/PM with one dose pre-workout.

  9. There ya go. ^^ Can't go wrong either way!

  10. Clout and bulk C.M. is awesome.

    What's up Poison?

  11. Good, how are you?

  12. Not bad. Waiting to watch my Bears beat the Saints later today. Thinking of trying the Brazil. I good place to start?

  13. Absolutely! Enjoy the game...


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