Anabolic Pump with CytoGainer??? for the carbs

  1. Anabolic Pump with CytoGainer??? for the carbs

    I know you are supposed to eat 50-100g of carbs 15min after you take an anabolic pump. I was wondering if I had a CytoGainer drink for breakfast, which has like 80g of carbs, plus the milk would be good to take with Anabolic Pump.

    CytoGainer lists that its carbs are complex, which are better for Anabolic Pump.

    I was going to just have a regular muscle milk shake in the morning, so CytoGainer would be replacing that. Is that a good replacement?

  2. Yes, it would be good.

  3. Would that be better than taking regular muscle milk and just eating some carbs?

    or no difference, or is cytogainer a better way to do this?

  4. I'm really not sure about that, seems to me it's 6 and two 3s. Pick whichever is the cheapest or whichever you prefer taste wise, otherwise you can just get some oats and whey.

  5. I am using cytogainer mixed with wms, and oats for my mixture after AP in the morning. I think I maybe using too much WMS though. I have looked thru the forum for a good dosing size, but results are so shaky. Anyone have a more solid input in how much to take. I have a 70cc scoop from cytogainer, and I use about 3 or 4 of those.

  6. In my honest opinion, Anabolic-Pump would be essential for this situation. The consumption of 100 carbohydrate at one feeding would be inefficient without it. Anabolic-Pump will shuttle carbohydrate as well as the protein contained, to your muscle cells rather than your fat cells.
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