Someting Wong... (Right Shoulder)

  1. Unhappy Someting Wong... (Right Shoulder)

    I'll post this same thread on the exercise section - so you can post either recommended supplements or exercises here or there.

    I realized mid-week last week that something is wrong with my right shoulder when doing a chest workout.

    I had pain sorta in the uppper mid-delt region - near where the muscles attach to the joint. Also had some in the rear delt area.
    My right shoulder was REALLY weak compared to my left (may have been because of the pain - which isn't bad, but definately noticeable).

    This sucks - just majorly sucks.

    I did something to my left shoulder back late in high school ('99) - had pain where the Acromium and clavicle meet (top of the shoulder near where the trap muscle connects to it).
    I stupidly kept lifting thinking "I'm 19 - I shouldn't be injured enough to have to change my lifting". Eventually, it got so bad that I couldn't sleep on my left side or carry my back-pack on that shoulder.
    I did physical therapy with like 4 different PT's. Had an X-ray and MRI. Had some cortisone shots (those are nice). The DR's didn't find anything - said it was in my head or some sh*t.
    The only thing that helped was taking LOTS of time off for upper body (couldn't even workout arms with out my shoulder bothering me). I mean like 2 years or so. I lost all of my mass in my upper body (wasn't much at the time - had maybe gotten up to the mid 140 lbs range). Sorta what I looked like - the "before" photos

    Needless to say, when I felt the pain last week - I was instantly pretty worried. I know my body pretty well and pay attention after that shoulder injury - and this doesn't appear to be good. (Meaning I think the Dr's will end up finding nothing and I'll be left to stop lifting weights upper body for a good length of time - I'm not interested in "working through" this and keep lifting. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder or something like that.)

    I went to my doc - he took an X-ray and didn't see anything. He's working with insurance to get an MRI.

    Meanwhile - I'm looking for suggestions. The only thing I could come up with to speed healing is IGF.
    Or maybe pGH.
    Would Aflutop help? Or is that more joint issues? (This seems like a problem in the muscle maybe - but I'm not honestly sure.)
    I've got some Super Cissus RX that I've been taking at 3 caps/day - been meaning to ask USP if he thinks that is enough.

    Thanks a ton for any help.

  2. I had this same problem last year around this time. It happened when I got a bad spot doing heavy bench. It was to the point I couldn't even sleep on my left side. I lacked health insurance at the time so I was pretty well screwed.

    I started out by taking Ibuprofren and icing the hell out of it. It honestly felt better, so I started lifting light again. But it hurt when I did just about any upper body lift. I then incorporated a lot of rotator cuff stretches and light exercises. It still hurt enough to keep me away from pushing myself too hard.

    Finally, I just gave up on the weight room for about two months and started running (gasp!!). After a few weeks it was really feeling better. I think the increased blood flow throughout the body from running really helped. Eventually, I was able to get back to the weight room around April. I began lifting seriously again at that point. However, I was still unable to do a select few lifts. Front delt exercises, a few overhead tri exercises, and close-grip bench were unbearable.

    Ok, now this part may sound like a total shill, but it's absolutely true. I ordered some Bulk Cissus from Nutraplanet and began adding it to my PWO shake. After 2-3 weeks the pain had totally subsided. I started bringing those exercises back into my workout. I still feel a little pinch here and there but nothing bothersome. I've yet to try USP's Cissus (because it was sold out for so long) but my SuperCissus will be here any day and I can't wait to kick off a new stack. I'd say that the SuperCissus should really help with your pain (might want to up your dosage), especially if you take a week or two off.

    Hopefully, my experience can help you a little...good luck bro.

  3. My shoulder injury from a year ago was diagnosed with an MRI as degenerative tissue damage of the labrum and AC impingement, it came out of nowhere one day while dumbell pressing. Electrical stimulation, massage, and cold therapy only went so far, along with the joint supps I knew about at the time (gluco/msm and the like). CissusRX got me over that recovery plateau, taking 2caps 3/4 times a day (xtra dose on lifting days). Now I take SuperCissus 2/3 times a day and my shoulder is good enough that I am lifting heavier than before. it still hurts, and I don't think that will ever go away, but it is more than manageable. Now I make sure I always warm up my rotatorcuff muscles and include the PT exercises as part of my shoulder workout.

    Something new that seems to be helping too is AP, which was a pleasant side effect. One action that always hurt has either hanging for a stretch or shrugs; it made my shoulder socket hurt like my arm was popping out. Since being on AP this type of discomfort has subsided, i'm guessing the swelling/pump brought about by the carbs might holding things more securely in that joint (given the design of the shoulder socket).

    I hope your shoulder gets better, sucks to be hurt.

  4. Sounds like bricep tendonities and Rotator Cuff Impingement.
    Probably have some AC joint issues too.

    Supp Reccomendations - Celadrin, Cissus RX, Fish Oil, Anti Oxidants, Curcumin, Gluc/ Chond, Collagen

    Rehab Reccomendations - two weeks of no upper body at all. Ice, Stim, Ultrasound, Heat, Soft tissue work, after time off RC cuff exercises strengthening/ stablizing exercises and stretching the hell out of it

    See a sports med doc, go to a PT for an eval. Dont let a problem that can intelligently be treated with an easy month or two turn into a year long problem (like I did).

  5. I would look into the therapies Rx suggested, as I too had a labral injury, though mine was a little more severe being a SLAP tear (superior labrum anterior to posterior). Here is a fairly informative link on SLAPs and overall Labrum injuries:

    Patient Guide to SLAP Tears - The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis

    I found the most helpful was Electro-Stimulation and accupuncture, though time and rest proved to be the most helpful solution.

  6. Not to change the subject, are you a student at Clemson jmh80? I'm from that area.

  7. Nope.

    But - I did admire that hot-azz chick on TV at the end of the '05 Miami-Clemson game.

    I have been to the Beacon though.

    BTW - thanks for the replies guys. I will take them into account.

  8. i had the same problem, moved to incline bench and stopped doing flat bench and it took a lot of pressure of it but as mullet said accpuncture is worth looking into.

    I go see a traditional chinese accupuncturist because IMO they know their sh*t!

    It's freed my shoulder up a lot.

    good luck, i hope u find a solution that leads to a speedy recovery.

  9. I'm not sure there are Chinese people in Louisiana...

  10. Take heed from this gimp's words...

    Omega Flex + Cissus + Additional Rest

  11. Glucosamine/chondrotin/MSM haven't done much of anything for me. I've been on glucoseamine for a while. I've got the 1.5 gram caps from Wal-mart. I take one or 2 per day. Have been doing that for a while.

    I don't even think of that combo of being able to help stuff like this anymore.

    Celadrin - maybe though.


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