17-alpha oxo nolone

  1. 17-alpha oxo nolone

    I am reposting this because I feel that because of the thread name that the info did not get the attention it may have gotten. Oh yea I have been on the stuff for a week, and I'm really diggin it so far fantastic pumps, and I deff feeling on.:bb:

  2. 17-Alpha-Oxo-Nolone
    17 Alpha
    Safety and Information
    By: Dr. Jim Kimbrell
    Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Microbiology

    The purpose of this review is to focus on the explanations for the activity of the compounds (25R)-5alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 3beta, 5alpha-triol-6-OH, NeoHecogenin-3-O-Beta-D-Glucopyranoside, Desoxydiosgenin from Safed Musli and Sophora flavescens (Oxymatrine and Matrine) supplementation, Understanding the physiological role of each compound through limited information on pharmacokinetics.

    Safed Musli:

    Musli is known to be a natural steroidal saponagin which is a pharmacological active metabolite with similar mechanisms as phytosterols. Hecogenin is also listed as a steroidal intermediate, which means it has many roles as a precursor to several different hormone metabolic pathways.


    One of the metabolic roles of hecogenin is that of a 6-Ketoderivative. It is shown that 6-Ketoderivatives of natural sapogenins via NeoHecogenin, display anabolic activity and do not manifest androgenic properties. This compound produces an accelerated gain of weight and also an increase in weight of the liver, kidneys, musculus tibiliasis anterior and augments the total amount of protein therein.


    Metabolic role as a multi analogue pregnene, as shown in the appendix A the common metabolic pathway from (25)-D-Spirosta-3,5-Diene or 3beta* hydroxy-5alpha, 22alpha-spirostan-12-one through intermediate reactions to 3beta-acetoxy-5alpha-pregna-9, (11), 16-diene-20-one, where this compound takes on different types of biological roles. One of these types of biological roles is the manufacture of certain Oxa hormones. In some cases (15%) the synthesis of Oxa hormone analogues from Desoxydiosgenin begins at 17-ethyal-1 I-oxatesterone, form 11-oxa-5alpha-pregnane-3, 20* dione via 3, 17-dioxygenated-9-oxo-9, 12-seco-l l-nor-5alpha-androstan-12* oic ester, from 3 beta-acetoxy-17-hydroxy-5 alpha-pregnan-12-one two products all from NeoHecogenin.

    Antiestrogen properties:

    A metabolite 17alpha-hydroxy-4-pregnene-3, 20-dione effecting HCG levels caused decrease in estradiol-17beta levels within days but levels do return after discontinuing supplement possibly caused by an intermediate of 11* oxaprogesterone, 11-oxa-5alpha-pregnane-3, 20-dione which becomes the point of 17-hydroxy functioning by metabolic modified oxidation in sex organs resulting in low progestional activity.

    Androgenic/ Anabolic Activity 1:3 ratio:

    In humans males 25% females 5% testis or ovary/ adrenal microsomes convert pregnenolone to testosterone via the 4-ene-3oxo pathway, with the major metabolites being progesterone, 17-hydroxypregesterone, 4* androstenedione and testosterone; also some 17-hydroxypregnenolone very little less than 1 % DHEA and 5-androstenedione which does not alter the metabolic profile of pregnenolone metabolism. The synthesis of 11* oxatestosterone from l I-oxa-5alpha-androstane-3, 17-dioneshows in comparison with natural hormone, and a diminished androgenic/anabolic endogenous enzymatic activity however, normal rates return after supplementation is discontinued.

    Luteinizing Hormone:

    The primary action taken by the compound is the effect the compound has on the liver in which the liver causes the brain to release luteinizing hormone. According to early stages of in-vitro and clinical and preclinical in-vivo medical studies this pharmacologically active compound is reported to enhance testosterone levels by increasing luteinizing hormone. This hormone released by the brain turns on the natural testosterone production, primarily because of this hormone influencing property accompanied by the high anabolic ratio.

    Safety Issues on This Compound:

    17-Alpha's main ingredients have no reported cases of adverse reactions or over dose. However, this compound should be intended for healthy individuals over the age of seventeen. It is also not recommended to women who are pregnant, nursing or plan to become pregnant.

    Oxymatrine (Sophora flavescens):

    This ancient herbal extract has been used for years for many different ailments such as: Asthma, reproductive disorders, intestinal infection, allergic reactions, and viral hepatitis. The most interesting aspect of research on this herbal compound is its use as a PDE- 5 inhibitor.

    PDE-5 Inhibitor:

    How this works: Nitric oxide reduces pulmonary hypertension by activating soluble guanylate cyclase, which converts GTP to cGMP in vascular smooth muscle. Oxymatrine decreases the hydrolysis of cGMP thus enhancing pulmonary vasodilatation. One study of this compound was done on 3 week old lambs with hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension. Where 27% decrease in PVR that lasted for at least 90 minutes. This was similar to the 32% decrease on PVR observed with 1 hour of iNO.

    Safety Issues on This Compound:

    Their have been 2 reports of this compound causing stomach upset in the liquid tincture form. No cases of overdose have been reported with this compound.

    From what I can tell the compound is structured diff. from both bam and mass fx, but I'm sure that they are all very similiar in function and purpose, just my opinion.

  3. I remember the post BigN. Don't think many people have used this product or even looked into. You should keep a log of it in the supplement review forum.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. I'm not much of a log keeper but I ordered another bottle, right now my diet isn't the best(ex.right now I am drinking a black cherry vannila coke, with a extra 100mg. of caffine, and 1 gram taurine) job is stressing the life out of me, but I stay going to the gym I stay lifting big, and keep my focus, so I umm........DAM I'm just ramblin now anyway the stuff does work how good does it work, I don't know yet but I guess I'll keep u posted.

  5. Yeah, I can empathize with the life stressors. I'm not a log keeper myself, just a random poster who tries to ask and answer questions here and there. Definitely keep us posted on how it's going for you. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious about 17oxo. Enjoy the vanilla coke.

    P.S. It's way to late for that extra caffiene.LOL
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. Id be really interested in seeing a log on this product it always catches my eye at the supplement store...

  7. is this new!?

  8. Nope, Biotek has had it around for a little while now.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. You mean IronTek?


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