Late night PWO nutrition and energy kick

  1. Late night PWO nutrition and energy kick

    I just joined Judo and had my first lesson tonight. The class runs from 8-10pm and usually by 8 I start getting really tired and have no energy. So sure enough I started my class with no energy and got completely destroyed.

    So my questions are: What would the anabolic minds suggest for a pre workout energy supplement that WON'T keep me up all night. After the class I plan to sleep ASAP. Perhaps something in addition to AP as I have 2 bottles on the way for recomp purposes.

    Also, I'm not too sure how to treat PWO nutrition. As I'm recomping I'm weary of taking in a lot of carbs afterwards right before bed. The class is pretty anaerobic and physically draining.

    For thoroughness, I was a skinny-fat kid. Now I'm more of a muscley skinny-fat man. I guess Meso-endo. I was thinking taking something like 30% whey 70% casein in milk although I'm sure some of you could suggest something much better.
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  3. Focus-XT, BSL GO!, etc... All that have little-no stims should be fine. BSL's GO! is my favorite stim-free.

  4. Still need the carbs before and after two hours of cardio/muscle fatigue. Try a can of regular soda afterwards, call me crazy, but it has what your body wants after two hours of working out.

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