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  1. Question In need of guidance

    I'm looking to throw some pounds on my frame and have been looking at a couple of products. I was hoping I could get some advice on these options and maybe a little leadway in the right direction. I am not looking to purchase all of these products just wanting to know personal opinions and ratings. I really appreciate it!!

    Gaspari Nutrition Size-On
    Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump 250
    Animal Pump
    Muscle Tech naNoX9
    Legal Gear Methyl 1-D and Liquid Masterdrol
    Performance Research Group's Vertex
    MuscleTech's Gackic
    The products more specifically the Extreme Mass Stack from edit: we support board sponsors.

  2. Size-On - good
    Super Pump - Try Primed, Shock Therapy, Giant 1-NO, or Bulk Citrulline Malate

    I'm not really qualified to comment on the Methyls but from what I hear LG isn't the best company. You can still find SNS Methyl-Plex or Methyl-Drol for 20 or 30 Bucks respectively

    Pretty much all muscletech products aren't worth it unless you get them for free or you are rolling in dough.

    Both sites look pretty bad to me. I order most of my supplements from NutraPlanet.

  3. Question

    Thanks for the quick reply. What about animal pump?? Do you have any opinions on the products from the sites i mentioned??

  4. Posting sources is gonna cause ya some trouble.. might want to edit that post

  5. imo the gaspari stuff is ok and the lg stuff is fine, everything on your list below the lg stuff is a waste of money.

  6. what do you recommend?

  7. Out of those,...SizeON hands down. I havent tried any of the listed but i cant wait to recieve my SizeOn in the mail! Ive heard so many good reviews, practically all of them are good reviews actually.

  8. Just in case you are unaware which happens allot these days with OTC designer steroids.

    You have listed a couple of steroids, so i hope if you are planning on using them that you have a PCT and Support supplements.

    most of those products look good, though superpump i've heard a couple of negative things when it comes to stomach problems.

  9. Out of that list, SizeOn is the way to go.

  10. Gackic is overpriced, Size-on is good,Super-pump is o.k. but you can get better products for less money.
    You list alot of Muscletech I would warn you about being a victim of hype and ads, These product work but there are better products for less money.
    The legal gear I would stay away from there again are better products for less cost.

  11. what products are you referring to? can you lead me in the right direction to building a superb stack?

  12. Well Slick, Here's the thing. If you are buying these froma store near you, You're probably gonna pay too much. Check the ingredients on these products on then some other products.
    If you use a few of the board sponsors here and shop by category when you see the other products listed for that type of product you will see that there are less expensive products out there that do the same job.
    You will also see they are gonna be 20-30% less than what you are seeing in retail stores near you for the most part.

  13. Well, I am on day 21 of sizeOn, and added a few pounds. I love the pumps I get from it. See my log. I started SP 250 and love the focus I get out of it. Two excellent products I would recomment for almost anyone. 1 thing though, SP 250 might give you some gastric discomfort, so be carefull..

    SUPER-PUMP = SUPER-DUMP! (mucho gastric problems)

  15. I experience the same with SP at high dose. Be careful.

  16. I agree, super pump is gonna leave you with some serious "A$$" problems, size on is the way to go. its a great product and will give you the couple of pounds you're looking for. I don't know what your diet is but i always say diet comes before you consider supps. having the right diet can add pounds without having to spend the cash.

    Also, if your considering any of the ph's you mentioned i would suggest some serious research before you even think about doing that. and muscletech products are crap.

  17. sorry ot,

    chemist, loving the avy, i used to own daschunds, an awesome breed! wish i could get one again.

  18. You will mass up if you gradually eat more clean calories adjust weekly to your weight gain. I would get your diet in check prior to supplementing anything first. Supps just enhance an already grand diet.


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