please suggest "plain whey" supplement

  1. Question please suggest "plain whey" supplement

    For quite a while I've been using Biotest's Grow - see, it's called Grow Premium Quality Whey in the Store section (I'm not allowed to post links yet, otherwise I would just copy/paste the link instead of the silly description).

    It's a plain whey protein supplement, no strings attached. It's exactly what I want - a fast protein without any other components. The price is OK.

    But the thing is, after using it for so long, it's become quite old news. I went from actually enjoying it, to being indifferent, to having to make an effort to swallow it. I guess there is, after all, too much of a good thing.

    So I'm looking for something else. Similar, but different, if you catch my drift.

    Please recommend another "plain whey" supplement like Grow. Something simple and cheap, yet good quality. I'm sure there are many things like that out there.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hmm, I can only give a thumbs up to the ones i've tested and I really need a decent to good taste to choke these down.

    1. Anabolic Innovation's Whey Peanutbutter/Banana
    2. ALRI's Vanilla
    3. Optimum Nutrition's Chocolate or Vanilla Whey

    All three taste good and can be bought relatively cheap at our store sponsor. AI's Protein can be found at and

  3. ON's 100% Whey Milk Choclate
    AST VP2

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