OT-Anyone got any suggestions on cold medicine?

  1. OT-Anyone got any suggestions on cold medicine?

    Dang I got a bad head cold and my sinus's are plugged too beat hell. I cant breath or sleep.

  2. Nyquil/Dayquil is my favorite combo. I stick to this because it works for me, I am sure others have some good suggestions.

  3. I used Zicam last time I got a cold. Knocked it out in 2 days. Pseudaphed unstuffs me pretty well.

  4. Just usually the grocery store brand of some version of tylenol or nyquil :P

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Just usually the grocery store brand of some version of tylenol or nyquil :P
    Did they take out the sedative from Nyquil? I swear its missing something these days...

    Zicam works, but Id skip it and get the store brand zinc lozenge since its the same exact stuff, and it doesnt matter if its swabbed in the nose, sprayed in mouth or sucked on
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  6. thansk boys, im hurting

  7. Go to the store buy ColdMD, it boosts your immune system..like whoa..I would also get some Salene nasal spray...you can use it all day everyday it will moisten your nostrils and it is not addictive (as in doesnt make it worse with prolonged use) Cold Ezze losenges are also my fav...cant forget MEGA DOSE VITAMIN C!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. I cant believe I forgot something that is my most recent discovery. I had the worst cold ever I drank 5 gallons of water in one day.. Pissed every 10 mins and the next day i was cured...

  9. That pretty much works with any sickness

  10. funny.............


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