1. T-Heat

    Is their a reason why T-Heat has less than 50% of Yohimbine than Lipoderm-Y? I was thinking about trying T-Heat out but when I found this out I'm a little skeptical. Would it work as well as Lipoderm-Y with the lower dosage of Yohimbine?

    I don't know much about Yohimbine and don't really know if dosage is really that important or not.
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  2. T-heat is 4oz with 2.5 grams of Yohimbine, and Lipoderm is 8 oz with 6 grams of yohimbine. Lipoderm doesn't have 2x the yohimbine, but it does end up with 1g more (if you buy 2 bottles of T-heat).

  3. Take the price of each and divide by the respective prices...that will give you a price per gram. This is a better indication of value than what you are proposing!


  4. I got torn a new ass at bb.com for suggesting someone look into T-Heat.

    Chemo I think you are pissing off the competition.

  5. $25 for T-heat, so 25 / 2.5g = $10/g for T-heat

    $45 at 1fast400.com for Lipoderm, so 45 / 6g = $ 7.50/g

    Now Mike gets killer deals on Lipodermn no doubt, so I did DPS Nutrition and BB.com also

    $50 at DPS, so 50 / 6g = $8.33/g for Lipoderm

    $53 at BB.com, so 53 / 6g = $8.83/g for Lipoderm

    Now to hombrew using 1fast400.com

    LipoGel $37

    6g yohimbine @ 3.33/g = 19.98

    total = $56, or 56 / 6 = $9.33/g for homebrew with gel

    AF Store Yohimburn

    $59 for 3.5g, so $59 / 3.5 = $16.85

    I'm trying to be completely objective here, so look at the numbers and tell me if I'm missing something. Next could be the carriers of each, and possibly the surface area needed to be covered vs concentration of solution, if that has any major roles.

  6. hhhmmm.....I was trying to be more competitive with the pricing....not too bad though



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