Supps ruined?

  1. Supps ruined?

    I left my heater on in my dorm room for two days and didn't go back, when i got back all of my supps had been sitting in room tmeps from 90-95 I had jugs of muscle milk, pro complex, some CEE, fish oil, and flax pills, as well as 1 kilo of ALC capped. Are these still ok, or did I ruin them?

  2. fish oil and flax possible ruining.

    everything else should be good to go.

  3. I say ALL is good to go. Think of it this way when those products are manufactured and then trucked all over the country they certainly encounter temps well into the hundreds.

    You ever go into a closed garage in August, now imagine a completely closed up truck running through Texas in August

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  4. Thanks guys, I was just wanting to make sure.

  5. invest in a baby fridge.. i store my supps in my fridge cause of the heat in hawaii.. and i cant leave my windows open when im at work or playing army.. if u cant do a fridge get a cooler that plugs in to stay cool..



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