USPlabs Cissus discontinued..?

  1. USPlabs Cissus discontinued..?

    This is what I heard from the online retailer which I have been buying bottles of the cissus rx. Is he feeding me a line or is it really discontinued? I noticed it's mostly out of stock everywhere, but thought that it was probably just because of high demand.

  2. Cissus-RX (5% keto-sterone extract) is discontinued and the new Super Cissus-RX (10% keto-sterone extract) should be everywhere very soon. It's already available at Nutraplanet.

  3. yah, i just saw that super was available over at dps. Bit more expensive, but it's worth it, thanks bro

  4. has a great deal on it with the 10% discount code..just bought 4 bottles

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