Is there a good quality Multi Vit/Min in liquid form?

  1. Is there a good quality Multi Vit/Min in liquid form?

    Just wondering if there is a good quality Multi-Vitamin/Mineral formula in liquid form? This is for my dad. He wants a liquid version just out of convenience for him.
    I take Now Adam multi, but he's more interested in liquid.

  2. I haven't found to many liquid forms, but powdered form is always a plus.

  3. Don't know which one is a good one but pay close attention to the formula. Make sure it gives you a good amount of your B's, preferably iron-free, beta-carotene/vitamin A, good amount of vitamin's C & E. I don't think many multi's add vitamin K to the formula since it's a blood thinner.
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    there was one good liquid vitamin made by some company that was touting religious stuff, but I cant think for the life of me what the name of it was called..

  5. Centrum has a Liquid version that's flavored if I remember correctly



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