Great sleep off second night on Powerfull/cissus rx:)

  1. Great sleep off second night on Powerfull/cissus rx:)

    I am only on my 2nd day of Powerfull 3/4/3 and cissus rx 3/3/3 and I am already experiencing some pretty crazy dreams, like all night long that I can remember when I wake up. I felt much more refreshed when I woke up ( especially since I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea) Anyone else with similar experiences? How is my dosage for 225lb at 17% bf?

  2. Yeah, the dreams are quite amazing. Even when I wake up from 4-5 hours of sleep I feel great. I'm 234, 17% and I'm doing the exact same dosage as you. You are gonna love this combo in the gym next week.

  3. Dosage is A-Okay. Glad you're enjoying it!

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