Dangerous mix

  1. Dangerous mix

    I just wanted to share a pretty bad experience I got today from mixing bad things together.. I was sick for the past week, and this morning, I was feeling really tired, and as soon as I cough, I started a nose bleed. Not a biggie, I am used to it as temperature is dry, and I get that often. Today was different. I woke up, sneezed, and started a nose bleed. Got to stop it in 2 mins. Then I took some Tylenol syrup to make my throat a little better. Everything is fine, I head to the gym, and take 2 Basic Cuts. Legs day, so I really needed it. Workout goes fine. From squats to Stiff Legs Deads. I head over to work. (I sell computers) I am talking with a customer, and bam, it starts. My nose starts bleeding, and it didn't stop for 30 minutes. I lost so much blood I was feeling dizzy, and headed home to eat a fruit and sleep. So please don't mix cough syrup with stims, when you easily have nose bleeds, or you might end up at the Hosp..

    Learned another thing today, thought I'd share..


  2. Sounds like you might have a sinus infection...

  3. You think so? I just feel sick, and at this time of year I bleed very easily.. The only diff. is that it was unstoppable.

  4. That happened to me last year, every couple days my nose would start bleeding from almost anything. I went to the Dr and found out it was a sinus infection, after about 2 weeks on antibiotics I was back to normal.

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