girlfriend looking to gain weight

  1. girlfriend looking to gain weight

    Hi guys.

    My fiance is in really good shape ( roughly 12% bodyfat)and very lean. She would like to pick up about 5-10lbs of muscle in the next 3 months. She already takes creatine, whey and has a pretty good size gaining diet in place. What ph's/and or supplements are beneficial for women trying to gain some mass? I would really appreciate both ph's and supplement ideas. I have searched but it seems as there is not a lot of info on women and mass gaining supplements. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  2. You want ideas on what male hormones to pump into your girlfriend?..
    On the non-hormone side of things female testers did great with low to normal doses of PowerFULL.

  3. paging fitnfirm!

    Tell your GF to eat more. PGHt might be a something to try after a PowerFull cycle.

    Some of the banned PH's were OK for women (wasn't it 19nordiol or 1,4ad?). But of course those are illegal and unattainable.

  4. No she actually was interested in ph's and supplements. I figured I would ask about both. I figured that maybe a very small dose of a weaker ph might be beneficial. Honestly, I would like to see her using a supplement instead of a ph. I am getting ready to superdose powerfull and cissus rx along with massfx. Thanks for the advice, maybe I will get her some Powerfull and we can use it together. I could even log the results of each. Thanks for the help, ziricote Anybody else have other suggestions?

  5. The Powerfull/Megadose Cissus/Symmetry stack would be good for her. 1 PowerFull per 20lbs bodyweight, 6-10 Cissus, dunno anout Symmetry.

    Ebol/Anagen/Turkeysterone would be a good addition too, just lower the dose to start.

  6. Thanks poison. Wow I thought I knew a lot about supplementation and lifting before I joined this site(lol). She has used anagen before and became even more ripped and gained strength but not size. She is mostly looking for about 10 lbs to look even better in her wedding dress and the honeymoon in Jamaca

  7. any other ideas?

  8. Go post in ALRI's forum, ask for FitNFirm in your title. She'll know.

  9. Honestly - you'd have to go with illegal to get a steroid/PH that is suitable for women IMO.
    If you want to go that route - go with Anavar. I wouldn't fool around with much more in that category though - you don't want her to develop a clit the size of a hotdog....

    Powerfull and Symmetry might be a good choice. I dunno about the dose - maybe 2 caps of each?

  10. Superdrol would add 5-10lbs Seriously though what dose her workout look like? If she is doin lots of tricep extensions, leg curls, and flys forget about it. Lots of deadlifts, squats, front squats, rack pulls, for lower body. Upper body should be bench press, close grip, shoulder press, rows, pullups.

  11. Some, although NOT I, would say just marry her. Those people, although NOT I, would claim this is a sure fire way to both have her put on weight and also kill her libido.

  12. I think this was her idea Beau. Stress think...

    If it's his idea, than yeah - just marry her and don't f*ck around with trying to gain weight and possibly screw up her mood/libido/whatever.

  13. when they are rolled out why not try
    new CIALABOL
    Diet , a macro-partitionerr and more efficient Creatine transport maybe the way to go before trying a PH (with rough sides to deal with and more money to spend to counter them)

  14. Yeah its definitely her idea, I'm not pushing her.Thanks everybody I appreciate all the help. I have several ideas from the post. Thanks again

  15. not fully sure on product, but diesel nutrition has a product specifically for women called Formula HT.

    can check this out and maybe even ask Chuck himself about it. Would probably be good in a stack for her.


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