board stores and canadian customers

  1. board stores and canadian customers

    I would like to order a few things off one of the stores mentioned on am since the prices are pretty good but just a question to those living in canada if you have had any trouble with any of the companies. I havnt bothered the company yet just wasnted to hear from personal experience. In the past i have ordered from companies and had lovely dudty fees once here or shipping that was so ridiculous that it wasnt worth buying. so just a quick say on how it went for you. thx

  2. try nutraplanet.

  3. No probs with Nutraplanet & Island so far.

    I usually order the quickest FedEx delivery and the duties would be $12 CDN at most..never more than that, ever.

  4. I always have used USPS for my orders most i've ever paid in duties was $20 cdn and most of the time I never pay any fees. It still works out a lot cheaper than buying the items up here.

  5. Most of the items at Nutra are not even available here. I ordered about 200$ of stuff today, and if that were in Canada, it would have been 500 for sure, and I am not exagerrating.. NP is the bomb bud



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