your favorite supplement company?

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  1. your favorite supplement company?

    although there sups arent the most cutting edgey the have got the basics down pat with their protein. that is why i love cytosport.

    what is everyone elses favorite sup companies?

  2. Aside from USPLabs (obviously)...Ziricote-Labs, specializing in things that are neither big nor smart.

  3. Universal

  4. Well, my vote obviously will go towards Molecular Nutrition. As for the protein, I am loving Cytosport as well. Gaspari does good innovative products as well. I am getting some SizeOn, and hope to get some good results from it

  5. usplabs, AI, and nutraplanet for thier bulk stuff... i think thats the only stuff i use currently.

  6. Changing this around because it's too hard to choose so i'll make a list, #1 is USP Labs for me, I feel super lucky to be workin for them, awesome company. Now the list:

    Avant Labs
    Anabolic Innovations
    Designer Supplements
    IBE Labs
    Biotest: hit or miss, Surge is awesome though
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Other than USP Labs Obviously, ALRI gets my vote, LOVE EM
    I use champion for my protein...

  8. USP Labs, now, primaFORCE/Scivation

  9. hmmmm best company for innovation hunh who might that be. Let's see Innovative meaning products no one else has or is made better . . .

    oh hey how about Anabolic Innovations

    Come on now came out with Peanut Butter Flavored protein after another company promised it to you for almost a year and didn't deliver, CYCLE SUPPORT, liquid sucralose, Chaos (which I will put up against ANY preworkout/NO product, Grub-On (an appetite stimulant one of only 1 or 2 such products in 20 years), and now a line of HEALTHY cheat foods Home what more ya want.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  10. Anabolic Innovation- Protein, Chaos, Cycle Support, Excell

    ALRI- their Venom line

    USP- Cissus related and the C2 line.

  11. I love USP's supplements

  12. Avant Labs, for the things we've done for the industry and especially for the things we're going to do in the coming year.

    Also, Ergopharm, MAN, SAN, Thermolife, USP Labs, Syntrax, etc.

  13. decisions, decisions.... id have to say usp for the most part.

  14. I am going off of products i've used myself. However, we can always add to the list if we want to include proven products and how professional companies conduct themselves.

  15. Excluding the makers of "Astroglide"?

  16. Avant, USP, and ALR industries.

  17. Omega's Thunder, Cytosport, AX

  18. out of all the products i've used (in no particular order):

    Anabolic Innovations

  19. in no order....

    Anabolic Innovations
    Optimum Nutrition

  20. In no particular order:
    Designer Supps
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  21. Intervet and Fort Dodge

    Also Optimum Nutrition.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TeamSavage
    Intervet and Fort Dodge

    Also Optimum Nutrition.
    You must be a huge fan of me.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    You must be a huge fan of me.
    Yeah, I'm VP of the Sir Savage fan club. In fact, I'm sitting outside your house right now hoping to catch a glimpse.


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