kre-alkalyn and CEE

  1. kre-alkalyn and CEE

    i cant tell the difference between these 2. running kre-alkalyn right now, i guess i'll keep that going for a while, just cuz. what are your preferences?

  2. Never used kre-alkalyn but I like CEE and MCC.

  3. I use Cre ethyl thunder and creatine gluconate. Works pretty well as far as strength, stamina and pump go.

  4. I never really saw much results from CEE, so im thinking about giving kre-alk a shot people say a lot of non-responders actually respond to it... so im hoping maybe I can experience what people get from creatine.

  5. Id say go for both, try "horsepower" by universal. Its absolutely the best ive tried, instant sickly gains in masss pump and strength. You feel it immediatley and the pump stays!!!

  6. I've heard lot's of good things about horse power, only bad thing about it is that it contains mono if I remember correctly. Don't much care for monohydrate. As for CEE or KreaAlk. I personally like KreaAlk a better, as CEE just didn't sit to well with me.
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  7. I just got a bunch of samples of horsepower...I like it alot. It doesnt seem to mix well but good enough.

    Kre-Alkalyn 1.5gr
    Creatine Ethyl Ester 1.1gr
    Tri-Creatine Malate 1.5gr

    Its got whole lot of other stuff in it as well..
    NO blend arginine, ornithine, taurine etc.

    Taste pretty good too.

  8. Guess I was mistaken on the mono. Funny that you found the taste good, some of the reviews I remember reading said that Horsepower tasted like Horsesh!t.
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  9. Well I like horse**** too! Donkey poo is good

  10. HA!! Bet you can mule kick like a sumbeech.
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  11. Taste is not important to me, but i t doesnt taste good, doesnt mix well also. Its a good thing your not looking for a well mixed tasty drink, your looking for an awesome pump, endurance, strength, size product.

  12. True, true, I'll pretty much chug down anything if I think the benefits are, well, beneficial.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  13. Just had the fruit punch this morning. Not very good. I really honestly kinda like the lemonade stuff.

  14. Horsepower is def. one of the best creatine's in the industry - I loved it when I had it, but the taste - wow! ... to me it was horrible - I actually puked one day, because it made me gag over and over again. If you can stomach the taste - the creatine is top notch


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