6-oxo dosing question

  1. 6-oxo dosing question

    What is a typical 6-oxo cycle in comparison to the standard clomid therapy?

    Here's the standard clomid I usually see:
    Day 1: 300mg (three divided 100mg doses)
    Day 2-11: 100mg/day
    Day 12-28: 50mg/day

    I know the bottle says 3, but that seems low. What's a comparable dosage for optimal recovery? Thanks

  2. why not just use clomid? 6-oxo is way too expensive imo but 300 sounds right to me from some i have heard..dont fall intot he whole"more is better" philo just try it at 300 mgs and up the dosage if needed

  3. with the 6oxo, 500-600mg is ideal to start off your post cycling. one could tail down to 400mg/day but users have said the first dosage is well accepted and should be used. Sage

  4. So would you guys say 100mg 6-oxo = 50mg clomid?
    I am taking clomid. I just wanted a little comparison so I could see if the oxo was worth $27 a bottle.

  5. No its likely not comparable in that fashion. It's more like Armidex in how it functions as well.

  6. Where did you get 6-OXO for $27 a bottle?

  7. I got a brand new bottle of 6-oxo for 25 bucks plus shipping if anyone wants.

  8. its actually good that he has both 6-oxo and clomid.. hell one of the biggest problems with receptor blocking anti-e's is the rebound effect experienced once coming off of it.. it can be avoided somewhat by tapering down dosages but you can still experience some effects with is why a lot of people doing regular gear will often take femara with clomid..

  9. Where the heck do you find 6-oxo for under $30 like that?

  10. Originally posted by IHateGymMorons
    Where the heck do you find 6-oxo for under $30 like that?
    i'd like to know that too because the best price i know of is at dps for $30.99.

  11. Originally posted by msclbldrguy

    i'd like to know that too because the best price i know of is at dps for $30.99.
    Muscleshoppe has it for 28.81, then you go to ezpricematch.com and they match that plus take 5% off. Free shipping over $125, which is pretty easy when I hget my Muscle Milk, V-12, and other stuff. They just started stocking Tight after I emailed them about it. I used to order from DPS, but this blows them away. Service is a little slower, but worth the wait.


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