Low Dose ATD for staying in weight class?

  1. Low Dose ATD for staying in weight class?

    I'm looking to be competitive as an amateur strongman this coming summer. I feel I can do well in the lightweight division (under 231lbs), but I don't feel like I'm ready to make the jump into the heavyweights, and will probably be competing in the high 220's.

    Aside from basic weight management...which i have no trouble doing...Would a low dose of ATD (25mg/day) be eneough to cause significant "drying out"/water loss, without the reported side effects of full dosiing(75mg/day), such as lethargy, decreased libido, etc?

  2. A buddy of mine stayed a little drier with just one cap of rebound XT (25 mg ATD) with his last meal. This dosage didn't effect his libido either way and didn't cause any achy joints. I'd reccommend topical formestane over ATD for drying out a bit and staying 'tighter'. That's just my opinion from experience.

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