Methoxy-TST Anyone know what it is.... yet?

  1. Methoxy-TST Anyone know what it is.... yet?

    I have read, and read, and read... And nothing! There is so much confusion on this particular supplement/ph. Does anyone know what it is yet? Any blood test results after a single TST cycle? Anything? Wheres BioScience Tech to clear all this confusion up!!!! Im calling you out!

  2. Bro - the only people we call out on here are Jay and Ubi - and that is because they are some gay-azz mofo's.

    I did a blood test with TRN and TST. It's safe to say that those 2 would be WORSE on lipids/liver than TST on it's own. I just can't see TRN improving lipids/liver if the other (TST) is really horrible on them.
    Get my drift?

  3. Their is some bloodwork on this board and it didn't look too bad. I ran it over the summer and my libidio did increase and the gains were minimal but noticeable. I really think if you at least doubled the recomended dose it woud work pretty good. I am thinking after New Years to run it with some of the old methyl d I have left over for a recomp cycle. I planned on doing this sooner but the stressers of finals coming up made we want to wait.

    I beleive that both tst and methyl d were underdosed but at the right doses it would be an awesome recomp-feel good cycle. I think if people knew what it was it would ease a lot of tension.

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