Logs: Activate & 6OXO?

  1. Arrow Logs: Activate & 6OXO?

    I have found a ton of NHA logs (Activate & RR), but cannot find any vanilla Activate & 6OXO logs (just those two, nothing else but maybe protein and EFAs). I searched and have failed....anyone know of any?


  2. Sorry bro.. Never heard of one.. I beleive I saw one where there was more than these two, but that's it.. Why don't you want to do the NHA?

  3. I tried Activ + RR.....
    I stopped RR....I felt wierd and spaced out.....but after, I think the activate was good....
    I like 6OXO...so Im thinking the combo might be nice
  4. ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. You might want to look into Formestane with Activate. I'm trying this out next time I run a small NHA cycle as ATD at anything more than 25mg makes my knees feel very bad. If cost effectiveness is an issue might be an option. Good luck.



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