20/20/20 or 10/20/30 for Pheraplex? Need Quick Answer!

  1. 20/20/20 or 10/20/30 for Pheraplex? Need Quick Answer!

    Like the topic says, 20/20/20 or 10/20/30 for a quick 3 week cycle of Pherplex with minimal sides? I need a quick answer. Im going to start my cycle tommarow. Thanks!

  2. eh...age? weight? goal? previous cycles? lifting experience? post cycle therapy prep?

    We don't all have ESP, brother....


  3. 210 6'2, No past cycle experiance, and I have Inhibit-e, Retain, creatine, and Nolvadex (If its absoulutly necessary).

  4. With no previous cycle experience, you don't know how you will respond - so I would start easy, even though you are over 200 lbs.

    Go 10/20/20 and adjust as needed. Make sure your diet is in line! Three weeks is a bit short, by the way...

    I will assume that you have done your homework, otherwise this will all be for naught. Don't forget about support supps.

    Good luck!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rhyalus
    I will assume that you have done your homework
    He has never done a cycle. Has to start it tomorrow. He doesn't know what dose is appropriate. He needs an answer now. All signs say NO. You know what happens when you assume

    ampzor, How old are you? How long have you been training?

  6. The reason why I need to start it tommarow is because Im going on a cruise in 3 weeks. There is a gym on the cruise but I want to workout at my home gym for the cycle and during post cycle therapy I will workout on the boat and at my gym when I get back. I have nolva and Liver Longer. I'm 22.

  7. DOB 7/89 makes you barely 17...do not post questions of this nature at your age again or you will be banned. Only warning!

  8. Oh. Being a liar is not very becoming. That will get you 24hrs!

    In that time I suggest you read our board rules. They are for both our protection. Thank you.

  9. Thank you and drive trhough?

  10. ampzor, I lifted your ban several hours early.

    Please be advised that those under the age of 21 may not post statements or inquiries regarding their hormone use on this forum.


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