Guys I have done the searches and have done a lot of reading. Here is some background, ex baseball player alwats decently athletic, after college and during college drinking and all the good stuff took over. I am 5'8 and April of this year weighed about 250lbs. I am down to 195lbs.

I am at the gym 6 days a weeks, 4 lifting and cardio every day 2-3 miles. I have cut alcohol all together and have become dedicated as hell to health and fitness.

The question is would the Anabolic Xtreme Halodrol, Mass Fx, Retain and Rampage be a good stack. Is there too much going on there and should I eliminate one of them? Also, I am unsure if there is a something that is needed post stack because of the Halodrol? Also, I am taking a pretty generic protein now, could I get the No explode or is that completely the wrong mix with this stack. Advice, as you can see I want your input, I do lurk around and here and read, but you guys are way smarter when it comes to this. Let me know, thanks in advance