Suppliment regime

  1. Supplement regimen

    I really wasnt sure were to put this thread, didnt quite fit in suppliments or health, as I am not looking for bodybuilding specific suppliments, but rather general health/wellbeing. Mods, don't hesitate if you feel you need to move this thread.

    I am building a long-term suppliment regime and was wondering if anyone knows of a top quality suppliment to take, such as vitamin p or grape seed extract, something scientifically backed, wich is good to use long term without it causing any sort of dependence or side effect, something naturally occuring. At the moment my regime looks like this:

    Sustained release Multi-vitamin (includes folic acid, selenium, no herbs)
    Vitamin C twice a day (includes citrus bioflavanoids, rutin, rosehip, etc, for synergy)
    400IU Vitamin E (Isomer-E, includes tocotreinols)
    3-6gs fish oil (independently lab tested, natural balance, includes a little vitamin e to help prevent oxidation in the capsule)
    Milk thistle
    Calcium D-glucarate (lowers Estogen wich is abit high)
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  2. I would add some low dose Cissus by USP. Definetly good long term, and will protect from those sharp pains..

  3. SupplEment regimeN

    My apologies, the spelling nazis are at the house and we just finished up an eight ball....

  4. You could substitute the milk thistle for sesamin to help out with liver, kideny, lipids, and fat burning.
  5. Thanks.

    I should of mentioned, I am starting Hormone replacement therapy(Testosterone + hCG) soon so metabolism shouldnt be a problem.

    I did research on Cissus, sounds heaps good, although it seems its main benefit is its effect on metabolism and anti-catabolic effect, I will push this stuff onto my friends like I push fish oil onto them.

    The milk thistle I am using to keep ALT and AST down, at the moment there both at 13U/L (0-40) fasting(havent started HRT or milk thistle yet).

    Did research on Sesamin, I am gonna put it on the waiting list, it seems to go good with fish oil, it lowers blood pressure, cholestrol, after awhile if I still have prehypertension or I feel fussy with my liver enzymes, I will use it along with milk thistle.



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