1. Pheradrol

    Hey guys. I love Pheraplex. I saw some Pheradrol on ebay for sale here in Canadia where it is so rare. I was wondering if anyone in canada has experience buying off ebay for this? Would it be OK?

  2. Hey, fritzer. Send me an e-mail [email protected].

  3. bout to start a cycle of phera drol next week.. looking to gain at least 10 pounds off that setting the bar to high?

  4. At least how many pounds?

  5. wrong section buddy.

  6. Phera is well out of court on this forum: suspected to cause heart enlargement (thats not good). Personally I'd sooner use SDrol (which I'd never use).

    Trifecta stack, possibly The One and 1T (which gets confused with Dermacine) are technically not allowed but have zip sides so often are discussed.

    That ain't Phera, this stuffs hard shutdown.


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