Question about the bodies absorption rate.

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    Question about the bodies absorption rate.

    Ok so I am curious as too just how much supplements the body can absorb.

    Currently I have been nursing tendanitis in my shoulder so I am lifting very light, but I am ready to go back to hitting it hard.

    Currently I only take

    Animal Stack
    Nutra Joint (combo of Glucosamine, Chondroiton and MSM)
    Flaxseed Oil
    And Perfect cycle

    I am taking the Cissus and Nutrajoint for my shoulder - I am on week 2 of taking that I hope to get back to lifting heavy next week.

    The perfect cycle I am taking in preparing to take Sostonal 250.

    Ok now my old stack that worked great for me in the past was

    BSN Nitrix, No-xplode, Cell Mass, Orastan - E, Animal Pak and plenty of protien. T
    This time I was wanting to replace the Orastan with the Sostonal of course with the addition of the liver support.

    As I mentioned I was holding off on this because of my shoulder, but while I don't have a hard time taking all of these products, I am really wondering how much the body can absorb and use.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Your body will be able to absorb plenty, but with a bum shoulder whats the use? Ive never heard of sostansol or whatever, but if you want to mess with that ish have a proper pct linged up and support supps.

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