Finals coming up

  1. Finals coming up


    As a college student, finals time is getting very near, which means I'm going to need to actually study and get some good concentration/focus. Is there anything that would help me with this? I have read a little bit about nootropics, but there are too many to choose from. Anyone got any good advice??

    Thanks in advance!

  2. They are hit and miss for a lot of people and so you'll probably get a few different opinions. Since you're already on several supps I would just also research combining any new supps and their possible reactions to each other. I don't know if you're on any PH's or AS but you did say you get trashed on weekends(although you don't drink during the week). Just make sure you're not turning your liver into a brick

    My biggest hurdle wasn't concentration as much as it was staying awake so I keep a bottle of Venom handy for long runs of boredom.

  3. thanks jayhawk. not on any ph's and havent been for quite awhile. just powerfull/camph/yg right now. i do have some venom laying around, possibly ill pop one of those if i need to. btw most supps arent harmful on the liver are they? my current stack is not harming it correct?

  4. Nah, you just have to be careful since all products get filtered. binge drinking is actually more harmful on your liver than if you were to drink a moderate amount trhoughout the week.

  5. I hate to peddle pre-made stacks or products in general, but LEnutri's PiracetaLE is really good for exams ( It's too expensive and excessive to use long-term, but the 40-cap bottle is the perfect amount for a week of studying and test taking. It has every nootropic you could need in the right proportions. Throw in a stimulant like AMP, sulbutiamine, or caffeine and you'll be set. It's worked great for me so far.

  6. why not just pop addies like everyone else?

    glad to see your not one of those who needs it to wake up in the morning. a good stack is focus factor by sns. great for stimulation and thought process. its like 20 something bucks, but do a search and you'll find it has been helpful for several people.

  7. I agree.


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