Oral arginine attenuates the growth hormone response to resistance exercise

  1. Oral arginine attenuates the growth hormone response to resistance exercise

    Interesting, not mind blowing but interesting.

    Oral arginine attenuates the growth hormone response to resistance exercise

    S. R. Collier, E. Collins, and J. A. Kanaley

    Department of Exercise Science, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

    Submitted 7 March 2006 ; accepted in final form 23 May 2006

    This study investigated the combined effect of resistance exercise and arginine ingestion on spontaneous growth hormone (GH) release. Eight healthy male subjects were studied randomly on four separate occasions [placebo, arginine (Arg), placebo + exercise (Ex), arginine + exercise (Arg+Ex)]. Subjects had blood sampled every 10 min for 3.5 h. After baseline sampling (30 min), subjects ingested a 7-g dose of arginine or placebo (blinded, randomly assigned). On the exercise days, the subject performed 3 sets of 9 exercises, 10 repetitions at 80% one repetition maximum. Resting GH concentrations were similar on each study day. Integrated GH area under the curve was significantly higher on the Ex day (508.7 ▒ 169.6 minĚng/ml; P < 0.05) than on any of the other study days. Arg+Ex (260.5 ▒ 76.8 minĚng/ml) resulted in a greater response than the placebo day but not significantly greater than the Arg day. The GH half-life and half duration were not influenced by the stimulus administered. The GH secretory burst mass was larger, but not significantly, on the Arg, Ex, and Arg+Ex day than the placebo day. Endogenous GH production rate (Ex > Arg+Ex > Arg > placebo) was greater on the Ex and Arg+Ex day than on the placebo day (P < 0.05) but there were no differences between the Ex and Arg+Ex day. Oral arginine alone (7 g) stimulated GH release, but a greater GH response was seen with exercise alone. The combined effect of arginine before exercise attenuates the GH response. Autonegative feedback possibly causes a refractory period such that when the two stimuli are presented there will be suppression of the somatotrope.

  2. Interesting.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    Lots of conflicting studies, of course some of that has to do with the actual design of the study. But this is the first one I have seen that really compares exercise induced GH release against arginine induced. Then compare those two to the combined effect.

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