Low testosterone, help please!!!

  1. Low testosterone, help please!!!


    I have a quick question. I have low test. I am 28 years old and my Total test. is 300 if you can understand the reading. I was told 300-1000 is within the norm, when I talkd to my endocrinologist he told me 300 level is the level of a 70 yo man, I was given Cypionate injection every 14 days somtmes i cheated and took it maybe every 11 or 12 days just to get a nice boost, it work well my levels went up to 1400, but I was getting bloated from it and worried about the side-effects plus reading how it might it cause Prostate cancer i decided to stop it, this was 1 1/2 ago and I am feeling agan really lousy and weak and gained weight again.

    Since I explained my medical history, I was wondering is there something out there that helps raise the levels naturally with out doing steriods? I read about Maca and tribulus anyone know anyhiong else that might work? Or any foods that can help or special diet? Or should I just start the roids again? I am really confused on what to do so if anyone know anything I would appreciate it.

  2. TRT is prescribed by and monitored by a physcian. You should have completed follow-up with you endo to fine tune your treatment.

    I don't suggest you start the 'roids' again unless you and/or your doctor have a clue of what you are doing.

  3. I meant if I should start the roids again under a doctors supervision. I am just scared of all the **** I read about on the net and all the studies, so far 50 agree with HRT and 50% dont. I was told this is a life long therapy whitch also scared me since I have to take a needle all my life plus all the talk of prostate cnacer etc. thats why I stopped on my own.

  4. You need to get a qualified doctor to treat you and get yourself educated on the myths and facts of TRT.

    LifeExtension: Male Hormone Modulation Therapy

  5. I dont get it, when they checked my test. they also did a sperm count and the doctor said it did not make sense to him because my test. was low at 300, but my sperm count was extremely high they even made jokes that my sperm was superman, they said I produced the amount of 4 healthy men. I thought if you have low test. you would have a low sperm count.

  6. ever heard of genetics? everyone is different. some have good sex drive with 300 level test while others wont. you seem like a smart person, so why dont you get a doc that knows what he/she is doing a bit better than your's. your level of 300 is fine, but not great for building muscle. (one reason why some build muscle faster than others naturally)

    if you want to restart trt, then do it. but be sure to follow the damn rules the doc sets for you, and get a better doc to more closely follow your progress.


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